Thursday, April 28, 2011

Volunteer Story: Wolfgang Bierer

Since the earthquake hit Northeast Japan, many volunteers have helped us by coming to our warehouse to sort supplies and/or holding fundraising events at places where they live. Wolfgang did the both. His message explains how he has done so much for Second Harvest Japan's disaster relief efforts.

My private efforts started on the day I was waiting for my flight to Germany at Osaka Airport. I was so sad to leave and make up my mind that I need to do something while in Germany. I contacted my local newspaper in Germany and said I would like to do something in Germany and they supported me. One week after the quake I arrived in Germany, setup a separate charity bank account and an article was published in the newspaper on Saturday. The fund started flowing and I got hundreds of emails on my charity email account. I joined the Facebook Group Rebuild Japan and distributed information through this page. Further I contacted companies and asked for donation as well as my hometown, the church, the small business community, my old school, etc. I made a speech in the church, at a small business assembly meeting of my town, etc. I emailed all my friends and asked them to further distribute the email to friends and their companies, so the response was overwhelming. Last I checked we got over 6,500,000 yen. I got lucky to raise additional funds for 2HJ, since my neighbor told me that a big charity concert of the Stuttgart orchestras looking through a newspaper article for a proper project to donate the money from the charity concert. I called the organizer next morning and was invited. I introduced 2HJ and gave a speech in front of 2000 guests of the charity concert and succeeded to secure the funds for Second Harvest. We got over 7,500,000 yen from that event. All together I was able to secure 14,000,000 Yen (over 120,000 Euro) in 5 weeks.

2HJ Executive Director Charles McJilton (left)
 and Wolfgang Bierer

We had an instant distribution site at a evacuation center.

Our trucks with emergency vehicle permits. 

Devastated area in Ishinomaki

Devastated area in Ishinomaki

Near an evacuation center in Ishinomaki

Wolfgang unloading supplies with volunteers.

We would like to show gratitudes to Wolfgang for his great efforts. Thank you, Wolfgang!

Also, we would like to thank all other fundraisers who held and are holding fundraiser events all over the world. Your help is making a big difference in the lives of those in the disaster-affected areas.

Thank you all for your great work!

All the photos are by Wolfgang Bierer. 

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