Thursday, April 7, 2011

12-hour "Care-aoke" marathon raises money for the North-East of Japan

Team Care-aoke held "Care-aoke" marathon as a fundraiser event for Second Harvest Japan's disaster relief activities. Thank you, Team Care-aoke! Second Harvest Japan thanks your help on behalf of those in most need now.

Here is a message from Team Care-aoke:

Proud to currently call Tokyo home and caring very much about Japan, a group of friends, Team Care-aoke, came together to find a way to support Japan in the aftermath of the recent earthquake and tsunami. The idea of a karaoke marathon was raised and one week later this became a reality and Care-aoke hit the stage at Tokyo Karaoke bar ‘Fiesta’ on Friday, April 1, 2011. Over 180 people took part in this fundraising event and through a live streaming link the 12-hour singing session was also inflicted upon a number of others around the world. We raised a large amount of money online and on the night as well as through random cash donations, with 400,000 yen going to Second Harvest Japan. Much of the global news coverage has moved on but the death toll from this disaster continues to rise each day and hundreds of thousands of people are living in temporary shelters without access to basic supplies. We hope the money raised at this event will go a long way to helping individuals and families in the worst hit areas of Japan as they start to rebuild their lives.
 Thank you to all of our virtual and physical supporters for your generosity and thank you Second Harvest for helping the people in Tohoku!

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