Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 21 (Thursday): From Toono, Iwate

Since our relief efforts in Sendai, Miyagi, has become pretty smooth and the situation in Sendai has slowed down, we moved our field office to Toono, Iwate, on Apr 19. 

Toono has been a good place for field offices for many aid-agencies because it is just an-hour drive from different disaster areas like Miyako, Kamaishi, and Rikuzentakada and it has a solid infrastructure now. 

We have been working with Toono Magokoro Net to share supplies and information to deliver supplies to Ofunato as a main target area. 

One of One Family Sendai's staff members is from Ofunato and he connected us with locals in Ofunato. We are trying to collect necessary information from the local people. 

Ofunato downtown is also devastated. The tsunami reached the main part of the town. 

We are trying to reach not only evacuation centers, but also hidden needs such as isolated elderlies and families staying at their relatives' places. 

A professional soccer player, Ogasawara, sent a message to those in Ofunato since he was from Ofunto high school's soccer team. This encourages also people like us who are in Ofunato to support the disaster victims. 

The message from Ogasawara. 

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