Saturday, April 2, 2011

March 27 (Sunday): From Sendai

In the wake of the disaster, we are continuing to secure supplies for one of the hardest-hit areas, the city of Ishinomaki, as well as for the evacuation centers.

However, for the just under 30,000 victims sheltering at the evacuation centers, there are still around 50,000 who remain in their homes.

Due to the gasoline shortage they cannot go to buy food; it is these people whose need is currently the greatest.

And so at Second Harvest Japan (2HJ), in cooperation with local non-profit organizations, we went about providing supplies for the housebound victims of the disaster.

As for other regions, we are making rounds in the town of Onagawa and the city of Higashimatsushima, visiting small evacuation centers, gathering places, etc.

There are also places in which the supply of food is not regular; the people say they worry about their next meal.

In order to support the relief effort, we went about delivering rice balls. However while there are supplies of carbohydrates in the wake of the disaster, such as rice balls and bread, sources of protein (such as meat and fish) and vitamins (vegetables), among other things, are extremely scarce.

As the time spent by victims in the evacuation shelters grows longer, we are concerned about their becoming ill due to the lack of a balanced diet.

In order to prevent this, at 2HJ we are liaising with our head office in Tokyo, keeping in mind the idea of nutritional balance, making sure to supply food to the affected areas.

Delivered Areas on Mar 25 to 27

Ishinomaki, Tagajō, Higashimatsushima, Natori, Minamisanriku, Sendai

No. of Delivered Agencies: 41

Evacuation centers: 21
Hospitals: 4
Welfare/care facilities: 6
Other: 10

Delivered Items:
Vacuum-packed (boil-in-the-bag) meals, sweets and snacks, personal hygiene products, rice balls, dog food, underwear, vegetables, rice, etc.

Everyone, thank you for your kind support!

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