Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 11 (Monday): From Sendai

We are sorry we could not update the blog sooner. This is a report from Sendai. We had a blackout all night when we had a big aftershock the other day. But except for that, it was not very chaotic in Sendai. But we heard, on coastal sides, many half-collapsed buildings completely collapsed with the aftershock.

The number of requests for emergency food assistance started decreasing but we are offering continual support to the disaster areas. Now there are many soup-kitchens in different places and hot meals are served to the evacuees.

It's been a month since the earthquake and now many groups can serve hot meals to evacuees in their shelters. They are very happy when we bring fresh produce, fish and meat since those items are very hard to get still.

We believe delivering safe and nutritious food to those in need is our mission. Thank you very much for your continual support!

Delivered Areas: Kesenuma city, Minami Sanriku, Onnagawa, Ofunato in Iwate

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