Saturday, April 9, 2011

March 24 (Thu): From Sendai

Continued delivery of supplies to hospitals, welfare facilities and evacuation sites.

We also made phone calls using information on isolated facilities, and directly visited those which we could not get through to, since there was a possibility they could not send out an SOS. 

Affected hospitals and welfare facilities are mainly occupied by patients, with many staff members staying over since the earthquake. They all seem to be very exhausted.

Under such circumstances, it is difficult for them to secure gasoline and procure goods, so we try to be of service by delivering goods in response to their requests.

With needs concentrating on certain supplies, our usual Second Harvest Japan’s activity of securing such supplies and appropriately redistributing them to multiple facilities is proving useful in our current support activities.

We confirm details beforehand if we are able to obtain direct information, but predict the needs, pack up the goods, decide on how to go about at the sites and then head forward in case we are unable to contact the sites by phone.

We make sure to provide detailed service by communicating with the local staff in charge.

Delivery Areas: Ishinomaki City, Tagajo City Higashimatsuyama City, Natori City, within Sendai City

Number of Delivery Sites: 15 (6 evacuation sites, 3 hospitals, 4 welfare facilities, and 2 others.)

Goods to be Delivered: Sanitary goods, rice balls, tea, dog food, underwear, etc.

Thank you for your warm support.

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