Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mr. Daniel Kahl visited Second Harvest Japan!

On May 2, an on-screen talent, Mr. Daniel Kahl, visited Second Harvest Japan (2HJ). He is currently engaged in disaster relief by delivering supplies to Yamada, Iwate. He brought his rental truck, loaded the truck fully with vegetables and other supplies at 2HJ, and left for the north. We were touched by his friendliness and generosity. We enjoyed his Yamagata accent, as we see on TV.

Daniel is loading his truck

Daniel and 2HJ staff

Not only Japanese citizens but also many foreign citizens like him are participating in disaster relief activities now. Since the earthquake, hundreds of foreign citizen as well as Japanese citizens came to 2HJ to volunteer.

Also, we have received heart-warming messages from all over the world. We rediscovered that Japan is supported by many people from outside Japan. 

2HJ is delivering the encouragements from all the supporters as well as food to the people in the disaster areas. 

Thank you very much for your continuous support!

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