Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Volunteer Story: International Secondary School (ISS)

For our disaster relief efforts, many people are holding fundraising events to raise money. Some hold events at their schools. People at International  Secondary School (ISS) are among them. 

ISS recently held a number of events to raise money for the Tohoku earthquake relief efforts. They decided to donate the money to Second Harvest Japan (2HJ). According to ISS, a walkathon event raised approximately 236,196 yen, a bake sale raised 15,100 yen, a movie night raised 31,908 yen, and a variety show raised 22,521 yen. Also, Tokyo Inter High School students joined this fundraising efforts and raised 100,680 yen. In total, 406,290 yen was donated to 2HJ! 

ISS Walkathon 2011

We will use the money to deliver more food and supplies to those in the disaster area. 

2HJ is greatly thankful to ISS, Tokyo Inter High School, and all the volunteers who are working to raise money for our disaster relief. They are making a great difference in lives of people in Northern Japan. 

Thank you very much for your support!

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