Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Report of The TV Program on Food Waste and 2HJ; It Was a Big Success!

Written by Rumi Ide

The TV program broadcast on July 1 in Kanto region was broadcast on the national network on June 4 as well.

Viewers posted more than 700 comments on the program's twitter site, which was more than twice of the previous week.

Here is our volunteer Sonoda san talking in the program.

We loaded what Sonoda san received onto the truck.

Here is another scene of our staff's picking up food donations from other grocery stores. Masahiro Otake, 2HJ's staff member and Ozawa san, 2HJ's volunteer, are visiting a store.  

This is Akira Kawada, another 2HJ staff member, organizing our warehouse. 

Tsuyoshi Kurosawa, a 2HJ staff member, brought food to an orphanage by truck. 

Hayashi san, 2HJ's volunteer, visited one of our food donors and received Japanese rolled eggs. 

I explained that food banking is transforming food waste into a "thank-you."

Piles of food in front of 2HJ's office. 

Piles of food stored in the 2HJ warehouse. 

This pasta still has a shelf life till November 2012, but even this shelf life is too short to sell at stores, and that's why it got donated to 2HJ. 

2HJ is currently utilizing just one ten-thousandth of the food waste produced in Japan. Our challenge is how we can utilize the remaining 99.999 percent. 

Also, what is important is to cope with the root cause of food waste. I hope this program was a good opportunity for the viewers to learn and make some actions about the issue. Thank you!


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