Monday, April 1, 2013

A New Office for 2HJ's Ishinomaki Operations


The long winter has almost ended, and it is getting warmer even here in Ishinomaki.

Second Harvest Japan Ishinomaki Project has moved to a new location.
Recently we transported desks, chairs and other office supplies up from Tokyo, and are now settling in.

2HJ started using the first floor of this building as the base of our operations on April 1st. Our landlord lives upstairs.

This is what it looks like inside.

We aren't only carrying office supplies into our new office, we are also distributing food support packages to those who have applied to our food support program.

We are going to continue getting settled in here, all the while supporting those in need of food.

This blog will now be used to report on 2HJ's Ishinomaki Project.
We look forward to your continuing support.

~Ishinomaki Progject Coordinator Yuji Shibata

(translation by 2HJ staff Sera Palmer)

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