Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meeting about Tohoku Recovery and Rebuilding in Miyagi


This is Yuji Shibata, the coordinator of 2HJ's Ishinomaki Project.

I thought spring had finally come, and was pondering about how quickly time flies, when it snowed again here in Ishinomaki.

Last month (March 21st) I attended a meeting hosted by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Support Network.

The theme this time was "support for the third year since the disaster."

To read more about the meeting, see the link below. (Japanese only)↓

We broke up into groups and had a discussion.

The key to the third year of support is communicating with the survivors of the disaster and cooperating with each other.

The president of the Temporary Housing Unit Union was present at the meeting to provide information from the survivor perspective, but from here on out I hope to see more survivors come out to share their needs and give feedback.

Yuji Shibata, 2HJ Ishinomaki Project Coordinator

(Translation by 2HJ staff Sera Palmer)

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