Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A National TV Program Covered 2HJ!

Written by Rumi Ide

NHK Tokuho Shutoken, the national station's TV program, covered Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) with a focus on food waste on June 1 in Kanto region and on June 4 on the national network.

In the morning of July 4, I put up seven signs about the program around our office.

This is the door of our office we recently moved from the old one. The paper on the door is the sign about the program announcing that 2HJ will be on the national program.

Right at the side of the office entrance.

This is at our old office. The sign on the standing boards. 

A close-up of the sign in front of the old office. 

At the back entrance of the old office.

Our cargo-cycle also cooperates with advertising. 

Also on the cargo-cycle.

On June 1 and 4, the program had much more viewers than usual. Thanks to those who watched the show!

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