Thursday, March 24, 2011

Report from the 2HJ Asakusabashi Office in Tokyo on Mar 19

More and More Emergency Supplies from around the Globe

Thanks to your support, 778 packages of emergency supplies from individuals, interested groups, and companies have arrived at our Tokyo office as of the 20th, 9 days after the 3/11 earthquake.

Some came from foreign countries, including as far as Switzerland, and others were brought in directly to the office by individuals.

Besides these packages, our primary food donor companies also have donated emergency supplies to us.

The total of those packages and donations so far amounts to four 4-ton-trucks.

Our volunteers sort out donations and put a content-description note on every box.

Some 40 volunteers help us with the emergency task everyday.

Both Japanese and foreign volunteers are working together.

Some emergency supplies are sent with a message card.

A message from a boy in Kanagawa saying "Hang tough."

We deliver the emergency supplies as well as donors' thoughts to the affected areas every day.

We sincerely give our gratitude to you all for your support.

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  1. Thank you for all your efforts! I wish I could be in Japan myself to help but for now I will support by donation.

    I'm glad to have discovered Second Harvest Japan. These blog updates are really great and shows the transparency of your organization. It's good to see that donations are being used. I really support your ideas with how you deal with food waste too.