Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mar 23 (Wednesday): From Sendai

Today, we delivered food to isolated welfare agencies and hospitals after checking on the evacuation centers. Since most of the agencies have good supply of food, we delivered supplementary items. Many of them have water and electricity, but not gas. Since they cannot sterilize things by using gas, their need for disposable sanitizers is high.

In terms of food, most of their meals are preserved food and/or retort-pouch items. People are craving for fresh groceries. Many are worried about shortage of good vitamins. We are trying to provide healthy items.

Today’s deliveries

Delivery Areas: Ishinomaki city, Tagajou city, Higashi-Matsushima city, Shiogama city, and Sendai city.
No. of Delivered Agencies: 18 (7 elementary schools, 3 hospitals, and 8 welfare agencies)
We delivered food, sanitation goods, tea, and underwear.

Thank you very much for your support!!

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