Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 22 (Tuesday): From Sendai

Here is the summary of our disaster relief activities in the affected areas.
Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) is working together with the local nonprofits in Sendai, Foodbank Tohoku Again and One Family Sendai, to provide support to those in need. 

* Ogatsu, Ishinomaki City
We visited the area to check the conditions since no internet/telephone is working.

The whole town is devastated. All facilities and buildings were swept by the tsunami.

Approx. 550 locals have evacuated to the elementary school on a hill.
Japan’s Self-Defense Forces and military forces from the United States, Turkey and Sri Lanka are already working in the area, so we decided our immediate support is not needed.

* Ayukawa-Hama, Ishinomaki City
Most of the area is devastated.
Supplies are being delivered to the evacuation center by Japan’s Self-Defense Forces.

Several dozens of houses remain standing after the tsunami, where the chief fisherman is distributing supplies on behalf of all the residents.

There are many of such places where neighbors get together and run it as a private evacuation shelter.

We have given priority to such places for our visit, because they are likely to receive less supplies and other support from government and thus in need.

* Hospitals
Requested by the prefectural government, we visited isolated hospitals and provided support to meet their needs.

There are many staff members continuously working day and night after the earthquake, and they look tired.

They cannot afford to have someone wait in line at supermarkets, so it is very hard to keep going with what they have.
We provided them with supplies such as rice-balls and sanitation goods.

Delivered Area: Ishinomaki City, Higashi-Matsushima City, Tagajo City (and other)

No. of Delivered Agencies:
Evacuation center at elementary & junior-high school: 8
Hospital: 4
Nursing home: 4
Other: 2

16 Agencies in Total

Delivered Items: Cookers for soup kitchen, sanitation goods, nursing goods, vegetables, rice balls and other donated items.
We sincerely give our gratitude to you all for your support.

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