Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Introducing Our Partner: OGA for Aid

In the previous post, we reported about food package project for Minami Sanriku. 

This time we would like to introduce the partner agency who receive our food packages and redistribute among the disaster victims around the town. 

Their name is OGA for Aid.

Right after the disaster, they entered Minami Sanriky town and set up a field office at Hotel Kanyo and distribute food packages and other supplies like daily necessities at emergency shelters, temporary houses, and victims' houses around the town. 

The leader of OGA, Angela

The fourth from the right is 2HJ COO Masahiro Otake

Volunteers distributing toys to kids in the town

Second Harvest Japan will continue the support in the region in cooperation with partners like OGA. 

If you have a chance to visit Minami Sanriku, please say hi to OGA for Aid. You will be welcomed!

OGA for Aid's website:
English: http://www.ogaforaid.org/en/
Japanese: http://www.ogaforaid.org/jp/ 

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