Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Delivered Food in Ofunato and Kamaishi: No.1

Some members of 2HJ and I, 2HJ COO Masahiro Otake, went to Ofunato and Kamaishi in North Japan on July 30. 

Our goals:
1) Set up a large-size tent in Ofunato
2) Deliver food to our partner agencies in Ofunato and Kamaishi in the disaster area

In this post, I report how our tent setting went.

Previous night, which was July 29, we went to a warehouse in Hidaka city to pick up the tent donated by CAMSS SHELTERS in the U.S. After picking it up, we headed for the north.

2HJ CEO Charles McJilton operates a forklift to load the tent into our vehicle.

Also, we loaded the food we will deliver in Ofunato and Kamaishi at the same site.

Our volunteer, Mr. Watanabe, finished loading grapefruits donated from South Africa.

In the early morning of 30th, we arrived at Ofunato and started setting up the tent!

The instruction manual says it take 30 minutes for four men to set up a tent. 

Leaders discussing how we set it up.

After setting up the frame, we start working on the cover.

Because we misinterpreted the manual, it took longer than we expected. 

Once we put the cover on the frame, I felt the goal was almost there. 

Mission completed!!

It took us 3 and a half hours although the manual said it would take 30 minutes for four men. But anyways, we did it!!

We donated the tent to Ofunato Support Center Netowrk. Mr. Chiba, the third from the right, of the organization said, when asked about its use, they would use this to store aid supplies and shelter volunteers. 


Here is CAMSS SHELTERS' website: www.camss.com/

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  1. I just spent a week in Ofunato working with All Hands! What a great little town we're able to help!